Robotics Team Brings Home the Wins

The Robotic Nerds brought home eight trophies in the latest competition they participated in, Rally in the Valley Robotics Challenge and STEAM Expo on May 18, 2024. The robotics team brought home two first place trophies in the Sumo and Color Run robot challenges. Four second place trophies in Color Run, STEAM Expok and Obstacle Course, and two third place trophies in Sumo and Moon Rock. PCS continues to deliver successful robotics teams each year. STEAM and Robotics is taught to kids in the entire school and for those seeking competitiveness in robotics, they can seek to join the after school robotics team, the Robotic Nerds. The students, parents, and coaches at PCS all make it happen. The students put in the work in learning coding skills, engineering skills, and applying the math and language skills in order to solve complex real world robot challenges presented them. Congratulations to the team and the community that makes it happen.