Pacoima Charter School consists of various departments. They assist students and their families so that optimal learning and well being can be achieved. Please click on the links (department names) to find out more information. 
Main Office
Health Office: Led by Dr. Vasquez (pediatrician) and Ms. Bravo (nurse), the health office ensures that children are healthy and ready to learn. 
Social Work Office: Thirteen interns, assistant social worker and school social worker assist students, families and staff on a daily basis. The team provides counseling services, connects families with resources, provide opportunities for parental involvement, betters school wide attendance and responds to crises. 
Positive Solutions: Mr. Nuño, our Positive Solution Facilitator, assists children navigate through conflict and empowers them to find solutions. 
Special Education employs 4 Resource Specialist Teachers, 12 special education assistants, a behavior intervention implementation assistant, a full time Speech and Language Pathologist and assistant, and a full time school psychologist. PCS also contracts the services of an Occupational Therapist (OT) and an Adaptive Physical Education Teacher (APE). 
Psychology/Behavior: Mr. Magana, his assistant and 12 behavioral interns (BCBA) work together to assist children throughout the school. 
Speech & Language: Ms. Kennison and her assistants work together to assist children with their speech and language skills. 
Psychomotor: Coach Avalos and a team of 10 PE coaches ensure that our students partake in safe and productive physical exercise.  
Nutrition Department: Chef Barrios and his team of nine cooks/school nutrition aides serve over 1600 daily meals (breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner) free of charge to our students. 
Library: Home to over 10,000 books and a computer lab with 24 PCs, this is our hub for literacy growth. The Librarian, Mr. Soria, oversees the department and provides many enrichment activities for our students. 
SFA Tutoring: Seven tutors and one SFA Coordinator provide individualized tutoring support to over 75 students daily. They utilize an interactive web based program to assess and engage students in order to improve reading.