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Family Support Center

Pacoima Charter has always valued family and our Parent Center has supported our families since 2003. In 2007, Pacoima Charter bought a home nearby to further expand our programming. It was affectionately called Casa Pacoima (Pacoima House) to reflect the familiar support it gives, to be like home. Over the years, Eva Torres (who served as Director since 2003) provided invaluable experiences to our parents. In 2021, Eva retired from her position. Countless families lives were bettered thanks to her efforts.
Mayra Velarde (Parent Center Director) will continue the mission set forth by the school. We will incorporate what worked well for the parents of the past while adding and furthering supports for our families. Casa Pacoima is now named the Family Support Center and we look forward to serving you all. 
How We Support Families?
We look forward to your visit to the Family Support Center - every one of our school families are welcome. We will provide the following programming throughout the year.
  • Family Workshops/Classes: The school social work team (with the assistance of other PCS teams and community agencies) will provide classes and workshops throughout the week for our parents. We will have many topics so that every parent can find what interests them. 
  • Farmer's Market: We will host a farmer's market regularly. Fresh produce and canned goods (donated by MEND) will be offered to all families in need.