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Hello parents, students and staff. My name is Mr. David Moreno and I am the School Social Worker of Pacoima Charter School. 


I started working at Pacoima Charter School in April of 2006. I started off a tutor, then the as the Attendance Officer, and finally as the school social worker of the school. During my early years of work, I pursed my BA in Social Welfare from CSUN and then my Masters of Social Work from CSULB.


My purpose is to ensure healthy attendance habits, provide group and individual counseling, link families to resources, support the efforts of our school staff and ensure the socio-emotional well-being of our students and families here at Pacoima. 


Over the years the social work team has grown. Priscella Lopez, my assistant, is a focused and driven addition to the team. I also started an intern program. I accept students from CSULB, CSULA, APU and CSUN. We currently have 12 social work interns.


I truly love what I do and am driven to making the lives of our students better.


Please see the School Social Work Department page by clicking here. 


If I can be of service, please call me at (818) 897-5102.