Welcome to the Enrichment/GATE Program

Welcome to the GATE/Enrichment Program


       The GATE/Enrichment Program pledges to make our scholars gain self-confidence, poise, independent, and to become very reliable individuals.  We, the GATE/Enrichment Program, promise to bring our scholars the education of mind, by being mindful, having self-control, and showing how being empathetic and sympathetic makes the scholar gain responsibility.


       We believe that the GATE Program helps you become an educated, and well accomplished student. We improve the minds of many scholars, we take many students on field trips from time to time so that our students can see good role models in action.  Also, the GATE/Enrichment programs takes pride in engaging in our own Pacoima Charter Performances among many other endeavors.


        The Gate/Enrichment program develops your tenacity skills so that you may meet your future goals. The Gate/Enrichment Program allows third through fifth graders be in our program to learn, work hard, become responsible, and to succeed in our magnificent Pacoima Charter School by being in our successful program.


The GATE/Enrichment Program wants to see you soon!                                                                          


Created by  2016-2017 Gifted Students