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Why Attendance Matters?
•  Consistent attendance helps students get better grades, graduate more often and go to college.
•  Regular attendance helps children develop socially with their peers. This very important lesson is taught most at school and is important throughout the child's lifetime.
•  It generates funds that help us pay for teachers, programs, books and other much needed supplies so that your children may have the best school experience.
•  It is important to instill the value of punctuality. It is not only needed for the rest of their academic career, but their professional career as well.

Suggestions for Better Attendance
• Keep absences and tardies to a minimum.
• Always submit a note the day after an absence. If the child cannot be relied on, phone the school.
• A medical or dental appointment should be scheduled in the afternoon so the child can be here for the majority of the day. Bring your child in the morning and take him or her out prior to the appointment.
• When your child is ill, request a note from the doctor.
• If you are not able to take your child to the doctor, bring him or her to the school doctor to be evaluated for illness.
• Avoid unexcused absences and tardies over 30 minutes at all costs. These include vacations, non-medical/dental appointments, child over-sleeping or refusing to attend school. These truancies can ultimately lead to school consequences.
Questions? Please call Mr. Moreno, School Social Worker, at (818) 897-5102 or email at [email protected]