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Parent Leadership Action Committee (PLAC)
As the name suggests, this is a very special group of parents. These very dedicated parents meet biweekly to brainstorm and put into action concrete steps to make the school a better place for all. Events are done throughout the school year to give parents an opportunity to spend time with their child, whether it it be just for fun or to grow academically.
This committee has the full support of the school and with various school staff, collaborate to meet the needs of our families. Previous successful events have included: movie night, Dr. Seuss Night, Fall Festival, participation in the Pacoima Holiday Parade, Mother's and Father's Day, Earth Day, etc. In addition to having their own events, PLAC parents consistently participate in other school events to create a larger impact. 
If you are a parent of our school and are interested in joining, please contact David Moreno, School Social Worker at (818) 897-5102.