Robotic Nerds

Ever since our 2014-2015 school year Pacoima Charter School has had an after school STEM robotics program. We have joined two leagues FIRST Lego League and CSUN's Rally in the Valley and STEAM Expo. 


The way you join the FLL Robotc Nerds team is by joining the STEAM Summer Camp. Signing-ups start around March or April usually. During the STEAM Summer Camp, students learn about FIRST LEGO League and compete for 1 of 10 available spots in the team (team can have up to 10 members only). At the end of the STEAM Summer Camp, they tryout and the top students are selected to be part of the FLL Robotic Nerds Team. 

Rally In the Valley (RIV)

As far as the CSUN Rally In the Valley robotics challenge, students can join by getting a recommendation from their teacher or by a parent advocate. Students who get to be in the FLL automatically become eligible for RIV.