Parental Involvement

Pop quiz: What is the largest predictor of student success?
- Parent(s) education level
- Parents(s) income 
- The zip code of the family
Answer: None of the above. The largest predictor of student success is parental involvement. Participating in your child's life will better his or her chance complete college and get a career. 
The School Social Work team sees the importance of this. As a result the team offers the following:
- Parent Classes
- Parent Workshops
We have done classes and workshops covering all sorts of topics: emergency preparedness (collaboration with American Red Cross, LAPD, LAFD), understanding children's emotions, single parent support group, connecting parents with community resources, middle school and college awareness, parent grief support group etc.
Please see some examples below:
In addition, we provide guidance to Parent Leadership Action Committee, our school's parent leadership group (similar to a PTO). This parent ran committee plans and carries out activities year around including:
- Movie Night
- Halloween Maze
- Mother's and Father's Day
- Holiday Celebration (our most recent had the Helpful Honda people come by and do activities with our students)
- Earth Day
We value our parents here at Pacoima Charter School! Please click here to find out about the School Social Work Department's Family Support Center. This off campus center provides support year around.